Realty Data Company has developed technology based solutions to streamline title production. Our suite of products handles everything from order management to search, exam, and delivery. At the core of our solutions is the RDC Enterprise Platform. Designed and developed with industry experts and a seasoned team of technologists, The Platform contains a multitude of features and functionality that ensure your title processes are maximizing all that technology has to offer. Here are a few of the features and services our customers have relied on for years to deliver quality products in the most efficient manner possible:


  1. Web Service (WS) enabled for order entry and delivery.

    • RDC has integrations into several production systems. This allows for less typing and provides enhanced capabilities with order management. Such features like auto routing and auto launch are two examples.

  2. Intelligent Search

    • Allows users to search grantor grantee indexes with multiple name variations running concurrently. 

  3. OCR and ICR

    • Image quality plays a significant role in this feature and a high quality image or starter file can have the data extracted from the image for use by the processor

  4. Rules Based Filtering and Grading

    • A series of rules based on the customer’s guidelines and requirements is applied to the title plant data. We input your rules and provided an analyzed result set

  5. Vendor Management

    • Easy to use and extremely effective, this component within The Platform enables our customers to manage vendors, products, pricing and all the necessary elements required to efficiently connect to partners.

  6. Custom Report Generation

    • This feature can be implemented in conjunction with the RDC WS or made available via a standard payload. Whether it’s a commitment or a legal and vesting report, The Platform has template and report capabilities so your branded products arrive with a click of a button.

In addition to the robust and feature laden Platform, Realty Data Company’s Cloud based environment ensures our partners can meet all RFP’s with confidence. Our technologies reside on the AWS (Amazon Web Services). We understand the importance of reliability, security and scalability. These critical elements are key factors in our pursuit to a Cloud based solution. Realty Data Company prides itself in using the best practices approach for all we do and this is exemplified in our technology solutions and partners.

 To learn more about our recent migration to AWS click here

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When Realty Data Company does anything we first ask ourselves, “Is this what is best for our customers?”  Having a customer centric focus ensures the right things are being done for the right reasons.  This approach, along with our continuing efforts to expand technology based services and solutions within the title industry, make a partnership with Realty Data Company a differentiator among your competition.  Get started today by contacting us.