Why RDC?

Realty Data Company provides comprehensive real estate information solutions. Serving title agents, title underwriters, vendor management companies and other real estate professionals, we offer intelligent searching and reporting technologies delivered through an easy-to-use Web-based interface or direct access using web services.  Our focus on leading data technology, enhancing property records data, creating critical alliances and strategic partnerships that support aggressive property data expansion, are at the core of our technology based services and solutions.

In addition to our technology, Realty Data Company has been at the forefront when it comes to delivering title production solutions through a managed service.  Our teams of professionals work closely with our customers to maximize the most efficient workflows, resulting in savings.  The focus on quality is entrenched in the technology as well as the managed service processes we have created. Our continuous effort to improve our operating standards ensures turn times and quality is always the priority. 

The Realty Data Company recording service is a national solution our customers utilize for walk in, mail away and e-recording capabilities.  This 50 state solution is managed with a combination of processes and procedures, and customized technologies. Working closely with our customers a workflow is created and every step of the process is managed, resulting in accurate reporting and effective exception procedures.

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When Realty Data Company does anything we first ask ourselves, “Is this what is best for our customers?”  Having a customer centric focus ensures the right things are being done for the right reasons.  This approach, along with our continuing efforts to expand technology based services and solutions within the title industry, make a partnership with Realty Data Company a differentiator among your competition.  Get started today by contacting us.