Realty Data Company’s diverse customer portfolio touches several segments of the Real Estate and Financial communities. With a strong blend of customers represented throughout the years, Realty Data Company has been afforded a multitude of opportunities to work with these companies to solve problems and create solutions. 

The list below represents a few of the segments Realty Data Company works with and an example of how our joint efforts added value. In addition to these segments Realty Data Company also works with several business lines not included. If you are an MLS company, consumer of real estate information, or just think our technology prowess may fit your needs please contact us. 


Title Underwriter

The year is 2002 and a large underwriter desires a technology company to deliver an automated title processing solution. Working with various data providers, Realty Data Company automates the four horse man. That phrase was coined internally by the team because the four key components of this specific search package were as follows: (1) property chain, (2) general index or name search, (3) tax information, (4) image files. 

These four elements, along with starter files and other supplemental data, provide the core datasets for this solution. Together with the underwriter Realty Data Company created custom rules referred to as Point of Good Title. 


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The year is 2007 and a lender has hundreds of brick and mortar locations throughout the Midwest. Working with Realty Data Company the lender modifies the workflow and creates a centralized process. Together they deliver a custom solution that allows the branches to originate Home Equity Loans. The back office functions of searching the title, credit, flood, and appraisal information are implemented in newly created centralized office. 

Removing these back office functions from the local branch result in a streamlined efficient process that produces operational savings. In addition to the cost savings the lender benefits as the local branch staff is allowed to focus solely on customer service, resulting in a better experience for the local branch customer. 


Title Agent

The year is 2010 and a title agent wins the settlement work for an investment firm that has purchased a bulk of properties. Realty Data Company utilized a combination of technology and managed services to deliver full search packages. In order to streamline the process Realty Data Company provided a custom integration into the agent’s production system. 

Over the years Realty Data Company has continued our integrations into the industries preferred systems. Through these integrations customers have reduced keying, errors, and improved the overall workflow, creating savings in both time and money.



The year is 2012 and law firm handling the foreclosure process for a large investor requires title information for possible Deed in Lieu. Realty Data Company in partnership with the law firm delivers a custom solution that allows for large bulks of properties to be processed in days. Realty Data Company provides a search back to marketable title for the attorney. Included in the search is all the pertinent information involved in today’s REO and foreclosure transactions. 


Vendor Manager

The year is 2013 and a vendor management company has several thousand loan modifications to process. Working with Realty Data Company, the vendor manager implements a custom technology based solution for search and exam, as well as the recordation process. 

Realty Data Company has a strong presence in the local county offices and our commitment to service is making a difference in turn times and quality.


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Asset Managers / Investors

The year is 2013 and a large asset manager has thousands of properties requiring title information. Experiencing turn time and quality issues with the current provider the firm reaches out to Realty Data Company for a national solution. Leveraging technology and a vast network of professionals across the country, Realty Data Company processes thousands of orders delivered in bulk format.


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When Realty Data Company does anything we first ask ourselves, “Is this what is best for our customers?”  Having a customer centric focus ensures the right things are being done for the right reasons.  This approach, along with our continuing efforts to expand technology based services and solutions within the title industry, make a partnership with Realty Data Company a differentiator among your competition.  Get started today by contacting us.