RealtyData's Legal And Vesting Application Now Includes Instant Images

May 9, 2007


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GARDEN CITY, NY -  May 9, 2007 Realty Data Company, LLC (RDC), a national provider of property information solutions, has announced that their “Instant Images” technology is now available through the company’s Legal and Vesting product nationwide. Coupled with the system’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, which indexes the image data in one click, RDC speeds up the turn time on title reports.

"Instant Images" is a tool that helps customers save time that is normally spent typing and performing quality control checks as they run property and vesting reports. Previously, images of recorded documents were only available as email attachments, so the user would have to click to open them in a different application. With “Instant Images,” the images of the documents are now contained within the application itself. Since everything can be viewed on the same screen, all relative information can be captured at the same time.

The software utilizes OCR technology to extract data directly from the images and convert it to a usable text format. The user can mouse over the text on the image and the system displays the text that can be populated into an index field. This enhancement eliminates unproductive waiting time and shaves several minutes off of the overall title production process.

 “The key advantage of Instant Images is that it enables our customers to compile a complete report, which includes all required data fields and the legal description, all within one screen.  Coupled with our ability to deliver the report via XML, the result is a fully electronic transaction,” said Bill Welge, president of RealtyData.

In February, the company released its “Instant Images” enhancement in New York City. Now the same technology has been implemented into their nationwide Legal and Vesting product, enabling customers to reduce keystrokes and report generation time.

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