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With millions of real estate transactions processed across the country since 1997, Realty Data Company has proven itself to be one of the financial industry leaders in providing services and solutions for lenders, title underwriters, title agents, GSE, attorneys and investment firms.

Realty Data Company realizes technology is a critical component in today’s fast paced world and meets the challenge with customized solutions that fit your unique business demands.  The combination of technology coupled with a team of title industry experts, provides ingredients needed for a successful partnership.

Whether it is a portfolio containing thousands of REO properties or a first time home buyer realizing the American dream, Realty Data Company understands we are only as good as our last transaction. Contact us today so we can learn more about your business.

Title Production
In today's market being able to implement a variable cost model requires a partner you trust will deliver. Utilizing premiere title plant data, automation technology, and subject matter experts who understand the nuances of the given market, Realty Data Company delivers quality title reports without the fixed costs.  Our customized solutions and consultative approach ensure the most efficient and cost effective workflow is achieved.
Leading Data Technology
Realty Data Company creates technologies to assist in the searching, abstracting, examination and title commitment building process.  Utilizing title information across the country, users have the tools to build reports with such features as: User defined underwriting guidelines, OCR, instant images, automated analysis and report generation.
Customized Solutions
Realty Data Company understands that although there are several similarities within title production units across the country, often times it is the small differences that truly make your workflow unique.  Lenders have challenges that may differ from the title agent or vendor manager, and Realty Data Company’s ability to create solutions specific to your needs sets us apart from the competition.
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When Realty Data Company does anything we first ask ourselves, “Is this what is best for our customers?”  Having a customer centric focus ensures the right things are being done for the right reasons.  This approach, along with our continuing efforts to expand technology based services and solutions within the title industry, make a partnership with Realty Data Company a differentiator among your competition.  Get started today by contacting us.